Room 2B

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Room 2B

Album: Residents of Warwick, p.1

One photo: Minnie Jaynes Morgan. Picture taken 1892.

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Albums - Residents of Warwick

Collection of Misc. Information- Page 40

A picture of Mr.and Mrs. Charles E. Stone - Warwick, MA
Lemeul Hedges Grave Memorial Stone at the Warwick Cemetery - reconstructured in 1975

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Collection of Misc. Information - Page 38

This is a picture of 5 people sitting outside the birthplace of 2 NB -Warwick, MA.

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Collection of Misc. Information - Page 37

A picture of the Warwick Historical Society on Athol Road looking east from the Unitarian Church Steeple

Album: Family Photos II, P. 48

This is the final page of the album.
A photo of Eugene Whipple and Nellie

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Album - Family Photos II
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