1945 Old Home Day Memorabilia

Included with the invitation to the "Fifty-first Annual Reunion" (8-18-1945) is A Dedication to Warwick's Participation in the Wars. This introduction and program by Ralph Holbrook and Charles Morse outlines how Warwick men responded to the call for duty, many giving their lives. A play was presented, set in Warwick in 1812 with Nellie Francis, Grace Morse and Marion Copeland in the cast. Patriotic music and tableaux were included. Of particular note are 5 letters from Warwick men serving overseas. Letters from Charles L. Brown Jr., Arthur Bowers, Joseph Stevens, Wallace F. Holbrook, one unidentified serving in the Pacific and all expressing their regret at not being present and their hope that next year they will be with their family and friends again enjoying the festivities of Old Home Day.

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