Blissville Scythe - story

A notebook containing copies of newspaper articles on the Blissville Scythe
telling two stories - the story of the Blissville Scythe and the story of how the scythe came to the Warwick Historical Society
1. Springfield Republican article written in 1900 telling the story of how 18 year old Augustus Bliss left his scythe in a tree when in 1862 he went off to war, never to return. His father left the scythe in the tree as a memorial to his son.
2. The Springfield Sunday Union and Republican, July 9, 1939 telling of the dispute over the "disposition of Warwick's famous scythe tree" - Charles Morse for the Warwick library vs. the Crowley brothers who had bought the lumber rights after the 1938 hurricane.
3. The Athol Daily News, January 8, 1985 article telling of the return of the Blissville Scythe to Warwick.
4. Yankee magazine article (date unknown) of the "Homecoming of the Scythe."

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